Turbine engines are the common form of propulsion system used by modern aircraft. As a result, engines internal flow control is essential for stable operation of the gas turbines, and thus the aeronautics industry aims to increase its technology readiness level (TRL) in this field.

The EU-funded ACONIT project will design, produce and demonstrate actuators for flow control that will be integrated into a compressor stage of a full-scale aircraft engine. The project will firstly increase knowledge of the flow physics of an effective surge control system by combining numerical and experimental analysis. The results will be applied to obtain the fluidic details for a high-TRL actuators and gas flow control system.

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A challenging experimental campaign: Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) in the CME2 axial compressor, close to stall condition.

To improve the understanding of the rotating stall onset, ONERA performed unsteady simulations of the low-speed compressor CME2, from stabilized to stalled operating point with elsA software.

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